This Biker Was Arrested In Bhutan – Read Here to Know why

Indian biker gets into trouble for his foolish act of climbing memorial place in Bhutan - The video goes viral

There is an incident that is widespread in Bhutan, according to which, a bike rider named “Abhijit Ratan Hajare” who resides in Maharashtra, has been found guilty for desecrating a religious place in Bhutan. 

The person accused was in Bhutan for a 15-bike convoy. The suspect was spotted above the dome of a chroten (a sacred monument in Bhutan) that led to a massive hatred and outrage on social media.

The whole incident was filmed in a camera and later the traveler was detained by the police authority of Bhutan for the crime of hurting religious sentiments. For those who don’t know, a stupa is a sacred monument in Bhutan that symbolizes the presence of Lord Buddha and reflects the Buddhism culture. The area is covered with nearly 108 such stupas that make it an important place of history, culture, and tradition

Police force of Bhutan to conduct further investigation

Image Credit: Twitter/@thebhutanese

In contrast to the reports, it is concluded that the passport of Abhijit Hajare has been already seized by the team of RBP and further investigation has been requested for the matter. He is ordered to stay in the lounge he was staying in since he started this trip until the investigation is finished. The culprit took the help of a local Bhutanese carpenter namely “Jambhay” who helped him to climb the sacred monument and click pictures by providing him a ladder.

The incident grabbed people’s attention when a popular newspaper vendor “The Bhutanese” 

 tweeted about this. The tweet included two pictures in which Hajare was shown climbing and posing for     pictures on those monuments.

The Bhutanese made 3 tweets in total out of which the second one described that the culprit was a part of 15 bikes convoy. It also stated that the place where the incident took place i.e. Dochula and also stated that the team leader who was a Bhutanese was completely unaware of the incident since he was parking the bikes. 

The third tweet concluded that the passport of this culprit Abhijit was seized and that the RBP is in verge of launching an investigation against this case. The police are looking for Jambhay as well.

Bikeer on Stupa in Do Chula Paaa Bhutan (1)

About the place- Dochula Pass

The place where this incident took place is known as Dochula Pass. This place is known in the whole world for its 108 stupas, popularly known as drum chrotens. This is a place is a must visit  for every tourists to Bhutan.

The stupa that Abhijit climbed on, was one of those 108 stupas and it was made in the respect and memory of a hundred and eight Bhutanese war soldiers that lost their lives while battling against India under the operation “Operation All Clear

What to expect from tourists?

This act has definitely questioned the way tourists behave in Bhutan. Even after having so many strict rules regarding bike convoys, such incidents question the tourists about their manners and etiquettes. This incident is likely to harden the rules for other innocent bikers as well. For now, Abhijit will be staying in his hotel until the investigation is completed and the result is out. 

Every country’s cultural and historical places are meant to be respected not only by the citizens of the country but the people who visit too. This is a shame for all the tourists who visit to look at this great Buddhism culture. Therefore, it is a duty for every human to respect all cultures and religions regardless of the country and we should avoid such shameful acts by getting prior information about the rules of the country.

Darjeeling Bikes View

We as Indian and as a Bike Rental in Siliguri strongly condemn such acts since this only brings hatred and the state of rebel in the country. The monuments are meant to be respected in the memory and respect of those brave 108 soldiers who lost their lives for their country. Keeping that in mind, we demand a thorough investigation against the matter and a strict punishment to the culprit. However, due to one bad element, it will be very wrong to prohibit the bikers in Bhutan. This will not only decrease the tourism economy for Bhutan but will also be bad news for people who want to have a glance at the culture and history of the great Bhutan.

We have a webpage dedicated for bikers what they should do and what they should not do. But as this was the first incident of this type it was not there in the don’t list but we added this after the incident. We also have a blog for the same with more details.

A similar incident took place in Bali providence a few months ago which was totally embarrassing for the people of India. According to the incident, an Indian family was spotted stealing the accessories they got in the hotel where they stayed during the trip. The incident came into contrast when the hotel management scanned their luggage and shot a video for the same. This incident also caught a wide audience on social media.

Some Vehicle rules for Bhutan Tour

There are already a set of rules imposed for the bikers who travel to Bhutan. Yet the happening of such incidents in Bhutan concludes the lack of awareness of these rules to the tourists. Let’s have a look at the rules imposed: 

  • Overtaking is not allowed from the left side of vehicles on the roads of Bhutan 
  • Unnecessary honking is strictly prohibited
  • The parking of bikes should be done in proper parking slots with a parking charge of mere Rs 10
  • Bike group should consist of a escort vehicle

Update about the tourist

According to a tweet from “The Bhutanese“, it is said that the tourist has been released after giving a token of apology to the Royal police of Bhutan. The tweet stated Bhutan as a country that forgives.


So in a nutshell, if we talk about the incident, it was completely an act of ignorance and stupidity. The thing that we all should learn from this incident is to respect all cultures and religions. Make sure the next time you visit a religious place, you know about the proper rules and regulations for the same. In the end, it can be concluded that Bhutan is a forgiving country and takes care of its tourists and their heritage sites. This also means that the tourism for convoy biking should not be put into a hold because of one bad element. That’s all for today and this is a perfect time to call it a day.

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